The Fast of Daniel is based on the fast described in Daniel chapter 10 in the Bible. Daniel decided to fast for 21 days in order to find favour, and receive wisdom and understanding from God.

Nowadays, among the list of things which get in the way of our relationship with God, distractions are one of the worse. They come in all forms of entertainment and secular information, which bombard us constantly. As the Lord Jesus would say: ‘He who has ears to hear, let him hear!’ (Matthew 13:9).


God wants to do great things in your life, more than you can ever imagine. However, before this can happen it calls for preparation. Look at what it says in Joshua 3:5:

 “…Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”

The Greek term “Hagiazo” translated to “sanctify” in English is defined as “to separate for possession and use of God.” Before the children of Israel could see the wonders of God, they had to sanctify themselves. Nothing compares to having the Holy Spirit living inside a person. It is God Himself inside that person that enables them to achieve great things, but it requires being sanctified.

Those who were chosen by God were called to holiness, that is to keep themselves away from all kinds of corruption and sinful inclinations. Only those who stay pure and obedient to the word of God keep their spiritual identity united to the Lord Jesus and that is why He can use them for His purposes.

When you stand in the presence of an earthly king, you don’t tend to show up dressed anyhow. Presenting ourselves in front of a king is not like presenting ourselves in front of anybody. If you prepare yourself for an earthly king, how much more for the King of Kings! This is why sanctification is so important.

To receive the Holy Spirit requires separating yourself from poor decisions that have distanced you from God. Perhaps you find yourself struggling with negative feelings – such as pride, grudges, bad eyes, etc or thoughts that may be detrimental to your spiritual life, which will eventually undermine your communion with Him. You have to be humble to recognise that you need to change and as a consequence, He will pour out His Spirit upon you and do great wonders in your life.

Why take part in this purpose?

The main objective of the fast is to receive the Holy Spirit, you are invited to start this purpose with us to see benefits in every area of your life.

Just as fasting means more than abstaining from food, this purpose is more than refraining from secular information or entertainment. The fast calls for us to abstain from certain things but also requires the right attitude, which will help you reach your objectives.

How to participate?

This is your opportunity to swap your thoughts for the thoughts of God; meditate on His Word and communicate with Him through prayer to have a true encounter with the Creator. If you wish to develop spiritually and desire to have His seal, then this is the time.

Read Bishop Macedo’s daily messages to help you throughout this journey. Use them for your spiritual and personal growth.
Be sure to connect at 11.15pm-midnight on with Bishop James from Monday – Friday for a powerful word that will help you on your journey and to seek the Holy Spirit.

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