I was a victim of spiritual attacks

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My problems took place in my mind“Because of these attacks, I found it difficult to sleep during the night. Nightmares were a constant part of my sleep: I dreamt of dead relatives, snakes, and other animals chasing me and sometimes I would be drowning.

These dreams made me suicidal and depressed. On top of this, I would feel tired and weak during the day. To make matters worse, I had no stability in my life; I would always move from job to job and change addresses. Although I went to university, my grades were not the best. This made it difficult for me to find a good job.

Because I wasn’t able to sleep, I decided to spend my nights at clubs. I sought help from various people and institutions. Running out of options, I had planned to visit a palm reader. But a friend of mine advised me not to go because my problems could have become worse. At one stage, my spiritual attacks intensified. This time it felt as though someone was strangling me.

I discovered the HelpCentre when I found a leaflet lying on a train at West Croydon station. When I read it, it was exactly what I was looking for.

During my time at UCKG, I participated in numerous sessions, including the Friday meetings. One Friday, I was determined that my situation would change for the better—and it did! That night, I went to sleep with no problems. From that night up until today, I have been totally free from spiritual attacks. Now I help others, I own my own tyre business and, most of all, I enjoy sleeping like a baby thanks to the HelpCentre.”

Frederick Lubwama

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