How many hours do you spend together as a family?

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How many hours do you spend together as a family?

One victim of the busy lifestyle we live today is the family. Let’s consider how most people spend their time every week. All of us have 168 hours every seven days, of which we spend in average:

• 56 hours sleeping

• 40 hours working

• 14 hours eating

• 14 hours using the Internet

• 12 hours doing household chores

• 10 hours watching TV

• 8 hours in traffic or on the train going to and coming back from work

So far, that adds up to 154 hours, not including personal responsibilities such as shopping or other chores. But where is the family in this equation? Try to take a break from entertainment and useless information and focus on the people you value:

• Sit together at meal times.

Talk more about what’s going on in your lives.

• Show interest in your children’s education

and what’s happening at school.

• Open up more to your parents.

• Do some household chores together, especially stuff you’ve been putting off, like cleaning up the garage.

Continue to set time aside for special moments together at least once a week. It’s an investment that will bring lots of results, so give it a try.

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