“Hanger”: A true phenomenon?

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If you are hungry and you find yourself becoming enraged, annoyed and frustrated, there’s a term for this. You are Hangry! Yes, being hangry (hungry + angry) is an actual thing.

Science has proven that when you’re hungry, you’re most likely to get angry and lash out towards your nearest and dearest. In a study done in 2014, specifically about hanger and relationships, it showed that married couples would get much more aggressive towards each other when hungry.

The study analysed the responses of 107 couples over a month and found that it’s not just frustration that creeps in, it’s aggression too. In fact, another (possibly rather controversial) study believes many instances of violence can all be boiled down to low glucose levels.

So what’s the cure or how can this be prevented? It is considered an issue that should be dealt with before people blame their rage on missing the morning toast and tea, or for not having enough to eat during lunch.

Of course, we should have a balanced diet and be disciplined with our eating habits, taking into consideration that our bodies programme themselves a time to eat over time. Even though getting angry is normal, should lashing out because of hunger be considered normal, especially when you end up insulting or hurting loved ones?

Every Wednesday at the HelpCentre, the Personal Growth meetings help us to find the strength and wisdom to have this self control, besides many other attributes that can contribute to our daily lives.

That’s where the self-control comes in. We can’t prevent these feelings from affecting us, but we can discipline our minds to know how to act when they become apparent. This has nothing to do with a lack of care for the body; it is a principle that we must take care of our health. With self-control, we can have the upper hand and control the outcome of any situation, not allowing any situation to control our outcome.

Source: https://www.lifehacker.co.uk/2016/01/04/ being-hangry-is-a-real-thing-according-to-science

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