Good Samaritan Sunday

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When was the last time you were a Good Samaritan to someone?

Most people are familiar with the concept of being a Good Samaritan. The term embodies the selfless act of going out of one’s way to help someone in need but, in reality, how many people can really call themselves a Good Samaritan?

In the famous parable, to answer the doubt a lawyer had about the requirements which are needed to enter heaven, Jesus spoke of a man who was beaten up and left for dead. He explained that a Samaritan who, in this context, was considered the lesser of the two religious peoples, also saw the badly injured man but, instead of walking past, he took it upon himself to care for the man.

Many people cross our paths every day in that same ‘half dead’ state because life has beaten them up. They may smile on the outside but there is no peace or joy inside of them, due to trouble in their family, health problems, financial problems or, their love life, which has sucked so much out of them has left them feeling like the man in the parable – left for dead.

Does this sound like someone you know? Is it your sister, your cousin, a friend, your parents, a work colleague or, even the person you make small talk with every morning?  Will you see them in need and ‘cross over to the other side’ or, choose to be a Good Samaritan?

Nowadays, many people have become cold-hearted. There are stories of people who walk past or look on without going to the aid of someone’s in trouble. We could argue that people’s lack of compassion has resulted in a selfish world with few selfless acts. A simple example of this was the social experiment by Key Assets Australia, which featured two five-year-olds – boy and girl – who were standing in the middle of a busy mall looking lost. Of the thousands of shoppers who spotted the tearful kids, only 21 stopped to check on the welfare of the children.

What is lacking in the world today is this commitment to be a ‘Good Samaritan’ to others.

This Sunday, 24th April, you will have a wonderful opportunity to truly “love your neighbour as yourself”.  On this day, the Good Samaritan Sunday, you are invited to join us and take this opportunity to practice the good which is in every person. It is truly a time for positive action in a world which is dominated by negativity.

Do you know someone in the state of the man described in the parable?  Suffering, in pain, tormented, distressed, etc.? Bring them to this special day which will surely mark their lives, as much as yours.

Notice, though, that the Samaritan expected nothing in return from the man he helped, as the biggest reward of all was to know he helped someone get back on their feet, and back at life.

Event: Good Samaritan Sunday
Date: Sunday 24th April 2016
Time: 10am (also at 7.30am)
Venue: At your local UCKG HelpCentre

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