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sharonin1Since I was a child I mastered the art of not being noticed. I suffered from insecurities and did not want to bring attention to myself because I had a birthmark on my face.

As a result, I was not confident and did not want to speak to people. I was used to my own company and felt comfortable  that way. I was very wary of people and would not trust them because of pain I’d experienced in the past.

I was invited to the UCKG HelpCentre by a friend. It took me nearly 10 years before I started to attend on a regular basis. Originally I did not make a firm decision to attend seriously.

At first I was reserved and only spoke to my friend, who had introduced me. However, deep down inside of me I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and be confident. I wanted to be able to speak to people without the fear of not being heard.

Then one day, the penny dropped and I realised I was not getting what I needed – my life was not changing like the lives of others attending the HelpCentre. Through attending the Friday meetings I have been able to develop my faith, come out of my comfort-zone and become more confident.

Today I value myself and am free from all the insecurities I had. I have learnt how to trust people and forgive myself and others. As a result of this, I have gained great friendships and people around me can see my transformation.

I have built up my self-esteem and I couldn’t be happier with the new me!

Sharon Mitchell

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