Faith without grace

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“I live by the grace of God and not by the works of the Law; Jesus has already sacrificed for me, so I don’t have to sacrifice.”

These and many other arguments have been widely used by most believers. But I ask: if faith does not need to be accompanied by sacrifice, does this give man the right to live in the flesh since the grace of God does not require sacrifice? Is it right to keep sins hidden for years?

The truth is that most of those who preach ‘grace’ have no idea what it actually means. They deceivingly teach that grace is like an unlimited prepaid card that Jesus has already paid for us. So we can accept Him and then spend the credit on this card forever. When a person sins, he should just ask for forgiveness, because he has an infinite amount of credit with God. If he commits the same sin tomorrow, he just uses the credit again.

In other words, there is no need for repentance or a change of direction. You should just rely on good intentions, remorse and a ton of apologies, such as “the flesh is weak”, “I can’t resist” and “sin is stronger than me”.

Because of this deceit, many people have gone to hell believing they had a guaranteed place in Heaven. Just as true faith has nothing to do with religion, true grace has nothing to do with the lack of sacrifice. On the contrary, grace gives man a responsibility he did not have before. If he was bound to sin before, now he no longer has that excuse. He has received freedom and the right to Salvation.

Now, man is responsible for remaining on the Path of Salvation, and therefore the rules of grace are very clear: those who want to come to Jesus must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him – three levels of sacrifice.

The Lord Jesus gives us His grace, this is His favour, which is a present we do not deserve, as it is something so precious that a man would sell everything he had to buy it.

It is worth the sacrifice of remaining obedient, it is worth the sacrifice of denying our will, it is worth the sacrifice of forgiving those who trespass against us, it is worth the sacrifice of leaving our old life behind us, it is worth the sacrifice of separating ourselves from certain people, things and convictions. It is worth all the sacrifice that true grace demands.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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