Facebook updates suicide prevention tool

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Facebook updates suicide prevention tool

Recently, Facebook revealed that new tools will be implemented to prevent users from committing suicide. This news comes at a time when there have been numerous cases of people writing cryptic posts before taking their own life, and others committing suicide whilst streaming it live on Facebook. The updates to the Facebook suicide prevention tool will be as follows:

  • (For Facebook Live) If a user is watching a live video by someone who they suspect is considering suicide, they can report this to Facebook or communicate with the person making the video. The person who is reporting the video will receive advice on how to help their friend, whilst the person streaming the video will receive options to contact a loved one or a mental health organisation or receive tips on how to deal with a mental health dilemma.
  • Other tools will also be created to help users get in contact with organisations such as the National Eating Disorder Association, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the Crisis Text Line.

Moreover, Facebook are currently developing an artificial intelligence technology which will flag posts that talk about suicidal thoughts and self-harm. This will allow the Facebook team to look at the information immediately and intervene if necessary.

With suicide being a major problem around the world, the new changes that Facebook will implement will help to save many lives.

At the UCKG HelpCentre, we work to help people going through problems, and we have many examples of those who wanted to end their lives but received help and now live happy, fulfilling lives. It is stories like these that drive us to continue the work that we do. We have meetings every Friday that are specifically designed to help people break free from any struggle they are facing. From suicidal thoughts to depression, our Friday meetings feature effective advice and prayer. We believe that you won’t leave the meeting feeling the same way but will leave feeling enlightened and free!

Your life is worth more than you can imagine. Let us help you. If you just want to speak to someone who is willing to listen and help you, call our 24-hr helpline on 020 7686 6000.

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