Can money buy happiness?

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Can money buy happiness?We’ve heard all the clichés about love and happiness: they all revolve around the idea that money’s all well and good, but it won’t help you find them.

How far would you go to find love? EuroMillions winner Jane Park used her newfound assets to find the man of her dreams. In 2013, she became the youngest person to ever win a £1 million jackpot; following this, she had a string of bad relationships because she would never know if men wanted to be close to her for her money or if their intentions were genuine.

Jane then decided to put two and two together and set up a website offering men £60,000 to date her. Her reasoning was that because she wasn’t sure if guys were approaching her for her money or not, she would rather make this arrangement clear from the start.

For some people this seems like a disaster waiting to happen: if you are afraid people are only getting close to you for your money, the last thing you would do is put it on display, right? Well, others might argue that it’s an intelligent approach because you’re getting rid of the main obstacle and using it for your benefit.

Whichever outcome Jane gets out of this experience, we hope she find happiness regardless. And since most of us don’t have £60,000 lying around to repeat her experiment to see if it works, we have to learn to overcome our fears and change our perceptions about love the smart way. Jane is a clear example of someone who can have it all and still be emotionally empty because they keep trying to find happiness in material things or other people.

Real happiness comes from within. What usually happens when we rush into relationships is that we project our own shortcomings onto our partners and inevitably feel let down if they don’t reach our – sometimes unreachable – expectations.

When people get frustrated in love, they build up emotions that ultimately cloud their minds. Then, they’ll do all sorts of things in order to get attention and be fulfilled emotionally, which will normally not have the intended effect.

Love can be a complicated matter even in the best of circumstances. That is why everyone needs direction to help them overcome the challenges of love, whether it’s a specialist, a parent, a role model or just someone who has gone through the same situation and came out on top.

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