Looking for love in all the wrong places

I learned how to express myself, I stopped being proud,

looking for love

‘Although my dad passed away when I was nine, the reality of his death didn’t truly hit me until I was 13 years old. It’s as if one day, I was hit with the fact that I would never see my dad again.

To fill the huge void I felt inside, I got into relationships at a young age. In my early teens, I already had a boyfriend and had this fantasy in my head that he would care for me and be there for me no matter what. How wrong I was! Instead of love, he just added to the heartache that I already felt.’

Celia went from one relationship to another but could never seem to find happiness. Two years ago, Celia’s brother invited her to the UCKG HelpCentre; at first, she was a bit wary of coming, as she had grown up in a church-going family but was sure they couldn’t help her.

‘In my eyes, I’d heard it all before. I was extremely proud. I knew I needed God to intervene and help me, but I still wanted to do things my own way. I was hurt; I felt let down, disappointed, and angry.

Eventually, I realised that I needed to open up. Holding on to all my anger was only hurting me more. So, I spoke to a spiritual advisor at the UCKG and this made me feel like I wasn’t alone. But what really lifted off the invisible heavy load I felt inside was knowing how to talk to God. I learned how to express myself to Him and this was such a massive step towards the change I longed for.’




With each word she spoke, Celia saw her pride breaking and the heart finally beginning to heal.

‘This is how I began to change. I stopped being proud and acting like I knew it all; instead, I came to God sincerely.

I now value myself, and I won’t devalue myself by just talking to anyone or investing myself into someone who is not right. I have given my love life into the hands of God, and I know I will meet someone soon.

A piece of advice I was given is to not be so anxious about my love life. First I must seek my own happiness and then, through the power of faith, I will receive what I need.

Nowadays, Celia is a completely different person: ‘I’m now at peace; I can confidently say that I’m happy and have self-value, but, most of all, the void inside has been filled, not with the world but with God’.

Celia Okoli

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