Overcoming the challenges of starting over

a way out of this situation, I have peace and happiness, my biggest achievement, seeing my dreams come true,

Overcoming the challenges of starting over 1Due to political issues, Esther Acheng left her home country to look for new opportunities and a better life here in the UK. Having to be far from her two children wasn’t an easy decision at all. Find out how she managed to overcome the challenges of starting from scratch.

‘Things here in the UK became really hard for me. No matter how hard I tried, there were always barriers. I wasn’t able to travel back home to see my children who I missed terribly, I felt so alone. The time I spent away from them, the more I felt a deep sadness taking over me. I became numb. I would cry all the time especially since I didn’t see a way out of this situation.

I first turned to alcohol to drown my sorrows but it wasn’t long until I became dependent on it. I was drinking so much that I started feeling even worse.

Starting over
‘I still remember the first time I entered the Universal Church. The moment I set foot in the church, I felt like I belonged there. There was this peace about the place and I loved that. I was introduced to the chain of prayer, a 7 week programme that is focused on prayers together with actions of faith to target the most prevalent problem in a person’s life. I joined these meetings where I learnt that first, I must believe change is possible. Secondly, I must never give up until I see results. That is exactly what I did. I began to see changes within myself; I was no longer feeling sad and empty and I had no desire at all for alcohol. My life was finally beginning to take a new direction.

Turning point
Today, I can say that I have peace and happiness that nothing and no one can take away. After 10 years of not seeing my family, I was finally able to travel back home and be reunited with them. I am now working on pursuing my career and seeing my dreams come true.

Regardless of the things I have conquered, I can say that my biggest achievement has been truly finding God. I always thought I knew God, but today I know Him on a different level. I face challenges, but I don’t allow them to put me down and stop me.’

Esther Acheng

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