A stop to my doubts

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tanushiya-keithesWhat made you want to go to the Temple?
I heard other people’s experience when they visited the Temple and how once you go you would not be the same anymore. I wanted to experience this for myself.

What did this trip mean to you?
Just before I went to the Temple of Solomon, I was having battles inside of my mind (doubts about everything including the Temple itself), so the trip to the Temple was a way of putting a stop to my doubts.

How was the trip to the Temple for you?
My experience inside the Temple was special because it helped me understand all the details about God. Everything began to make sense.

What is the importance of the Temple for you?
The trip helped me understand the purpose of life in more detail. It was such a blessing because it opened my eyes even more. It’s not that I was ignorant before, but now I understand God even more.

What is the importance of the Temple to the world?
Everyone should go to the Temple of Solomon because they will start to see things very differently; it changes your perspective on the things surrounding God and the things surrounding you.

Thanusiya Keithes

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