When all hope seems lost

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Perhaps these words will cheer you up, If cheering up is what you need. [You may be in the best phase of your life and may not need any motivation right now. If this is the case, please pass this message on to someone who does. Thank you].

There are good reasons to renew your hope and be confident that better days are coming. Here are five of them:

-Everything passes. Life goes on. If there is one thing in life that is certain, it is that everything is guaranteed to change. You can find strength by reminding yourself that the difficult situation you are facing will not last forever. Nothing stays the same.

-What does not kill you makes you stronger. Every time you go through a difficult trial, you come out the other side stronger—good lessons often come disguised as problems.

-God has given you a promise that cannot be broken: it’ll never be more than you can bear. Maybe you feel that you can’t overcome an obstacle in your life, but the truth is, you can. Your problems will never be too big for you to deal with.

-Focus on what you can do, not on what you cannot. So much energy is wasted when you worry about things you cannot do or change.

-Do what you can, and forget about what you cannot! Instead of being anxious, channel your energy into doing something that is possible. Then lay your head on your pillow and leave the rest— the impossible—to God.

Do you need more motivation? Then read these five points again, but this time read them aloud. Don’t ask why, but it works.

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