5 Virtues of a pleasant wife

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First, I’d like to speak directly to all the feminists who will read this text to criticise me:

Darlings, I know how much you value women and I do too, that’s why I write posts like this to help us be better. Regardless if men value us or not, we have to be better; we are the ones who benefit the most with our changes. Furthermore, this blog is designed for women and that is why I don’t worry about writing for men, who, by the way, also need to learn to be pleasant husbands…

  1. Be merciful. Your husband is not you, meaning that he does not think like you do. If what he wants the most when he gets home is to sit on the couch and relax, let him. You may be tired too but if your fatigue is not as great as your sense of responsibility for the house don’t diminish him for that.
  2. Be caring. Sometimes the care that is given to your appearance, work, school, or with the house is so great that your husband hardly fits in your schedule. Look for opportunities to show him how much you care about him. Sometimes putting that button on a shirt, preparing his favourite dish or picking up the mess he makes in the bathroom are all small ways that say how much you care about him, even with a busy life.
  3. Be sincere. You can be a sincere person but when you don’t say what you really want, you stop being one. That’s one mistake many wives make with their husbands, and then complain that they are not considered by them. The truth is that many times they don’t know what you want. What is obvious to you is not always obvious to him – talk, ask; it doesn’t cost anything. If you want him to help you with the grocery bags, ask him – instead of complaining about having pain in front of him while carrying everything.
  4. Be spontaneous. How about changing the routine a bit? If you both always come home and each one goes to do what they have to do, how about one day simply stop doing what you always do and do something with him? Maybe sit next to him on the couch and watch TV or put some music on and dance for him… or maybe you can decide to leave the dishes in the sink once in a lifetime and sit with him on the couch to romanticise.
  5. Be strong. There is nothing more attractive in a woman than her strength! You may be going through difficult times, but if you are strong and positive, choosing to look on the bright side of everything and using your faith to support him, you will be essential in his life and he will never forget that. It is in the difficult moments that an intelligent couple sticks together even more.

Whether your husband deserves you being pleasant or not, it doesn’t matter – be a pleasant woman for yourself. But if he betrays or mistreats you, do not stay there tolerating everything; be firm and do not accept – being a pleasant woman does not mean that you have to be okay with the mistakes of others.

Cristiane Cardoso

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