True elegance

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True elegance

A person’s proper development does not happen overnight, it is a continuous process that should begin early in life.

Most parents have a difficult time with the most important requirements in their child’s education: setting limits and teaching the fundamental rules of human coexistence.

When we learn that we are not the centre of attention, that others do not exist to do our will, and that our opinion is no better than anyone else’s, this means that we have the basis for a good family and professional and romantic relationships.

There is an imaginary line that should never be crossed if you want to be polite and pleasant. Here are some examples:

Admire a good sense of humour.

This makes life lighter, but never allow it to hurt or diminish someone. Have you seen the kind of people who always have a nickname for someone or use physical features to make jokes, for example, “Here comes the giraffe!”, “How’s it going big head?” and “Anything to say chatterbox?” You may even make others laugh and always have a comeback, but if you cross the limits, you will make others sad and lose friends.

Don’t be nosy.

You must have met nosy people who don’t know you but feel that they have the right to say and ask what they want and invade yours or your family’s privacy, criticise your decisions and comment on everything. If even in a marriage we have to respect what our other half doesn’t like, then this also applies to those we do not know intimately. Give your opinion and advice only when you are asked for it, and even then, remember that you do not own the truth.

Don’t impose your faith.

When you want to speak about your faith to someone, don’t keep talking if you see that the person doesn’t want to listen. If one person doesn’t hear the message, another will hear it. It cannot be thrown out, much less imposed by force.

One lesson that we must learn in life is discretion and kindness, and this is what makes a person truly elegant. Someone who has principles may, at times, seem like she has a disadvantage or that she is losing out because she does not do as the others do. But those who want to be different must pay the price.

Cristiane Cardoso

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