Could one drop of oil really make a difference?


Thursday 17th May 2012


For weeks, the letterboxes of thousands all over the United Kingdom were flooded with the City News asking the above question, “Could one drop make a difference?” Intrigued by this question, many read the paper intently wanting to know what this drop was and if it indeed could make a difference. That drop was a drop of the Holy Oil of Psalm 23, blessed in six destinations in Israel, and that difference was whatever you wanted to achieve.

As if this weren’t enough, the streets of London were taken over by an army of green shirts promising a free bottle of this oil. Whilst some raised a sceptic brow along with a snort in derision, reading the paper and throwing it out as “yesterday’s news”; others; faced with the undeniable transformation of lives when the Holy Oil was used along with this promise of their the faith of those who believed. At this much-anticipated event, which was based upon the well-known scripture of Psalm 23, attendees heard from many how their lives changed through the help gained at the HelpCentre and they were taught how to use the Oil with intelligent faith.

For example, if a person were unemployed, anointing themselves or their bank cards would not result in money falling from the sky! Rather they must take active decisions to go in pursuit of their dream job believing that, with God on their side, they could obtain favour in an unfavourable market.

The event, engaged all in attendance in a Chain of Prayer to see Psalm 23 fulfilled in their lives. They were invited to attend for five weeks, which will give attention to each promise of the psalm: peace, healing, protection, prosperity and favour.

Many left the event not only with directions on how to change their situation but also with relief evident on their faces, as if a burden had been lifted off from them, believing that their lives could change!

The Oil of Psalm 23 event continues for four more Sundays where everyone is invited to claim the promises of God by faith, as written in the Psalm.

Date: Next 4 Sundays
Time: 9.30am or 4pm
Location: Your local UCKG HelpCentre
Admission: Free

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