Why Tithing is important

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When someone gives tithe, he is recognising that God is Lord, not only Lord of his life but also Lord of everything.

The tithe is ten percent (10%) of all income, and it belongs to God. This is a very ancient practice followed by God-fearing people everywhere. It represents God’s own first-born, Jesus Christ, who was sent by God to redeem mankind. The deepest meaning of the tithe is in the understanding that everything (100%) comes from God.

What is the wrong way of tithing?

Tithing does not depend on one’s budget. It is following a consistent process of giving in faith so that God is able to provide more than what is given. Using one’s tithe (10%) for other needs is defined as robbery in the Bible.“…But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’ “In tithes and offerings. You are under a curse your whole nation—because you are robbing me”. A person may not touch the tenth of God as Leviticus 27.30 says, “the tithe is most holy unto the Lord and must not be touched”.

What is the correct way to tithe?

The ‘tithe’ first appears in the book of Genesis 14.20 (….And he gave him a tithe of all). The correct way to tithe is to set apart 10% before you do anything with your income. Blessings on tithing can also be found in the book of Malachi: A person who gives tithe can count on God to protect everything that concerns him.

*A tither’s life is guaranteed to prosper…(verse 10)
*God will prevent the enemy (devourer) from tempering with your blessings…. (verse 11)
*All the nations will call her blessed (verse 12)
*For yours will be a delightful land (verse 12)

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