Understand your value as a woman

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Understand your value as a woman

This week’s meeting was all about exclusive brands and expensive fruit. We asked our audience the following question: remembering your visit to the mall, how often have you set foot in the Prada store? Yet, how often do you visit other reasonably priced stores?

Among all present, only one shared to have entered the Prada store once and came out without buying anything.

Why is it we never even bother going into these stores? It is because we know we can’t afford to buy anything in the store. Only those who are willing to pay the price the store offers venture in.

You are of high value

The same should apply to you as a woman. You are of a high value, an exclusive property, and the men who show an interest in you should recognise that and be willing to pay a high price for you. However, this has not been the case with many women.

With many, all it takes to win them over are a few words of flattery. “You’re so beautiful. You make my heart race so fast. I’m crazy about you. Will you go out with me?” And, boom! That’s it. She has fallen.

Be exclusive – you are worth it!

While living in Japan, Claudia Brito remembers coming across a special bunch of grapes – the Ruby Roman grapes. The Telegraph recently reported of someone who paid £5,000 at an auction for a bunch of these grapes.

Claudia mentioned that in the supermarket, one was not allowed to even touch or smell these grapes. They were separated from the rest of the fruit. They were exclusive. In order to touch them or smell them, you had to buy them.

Make yourself similarly exclusive as a woman. When you make yourself easy to conquer, you also make yourself easy to discard. But, if a man has to work hard to conquer you and pay a high price for you, he will also value you as you value yourself.

We are by no means putting price tags on us as women, just using simple analogies to drive the point home that when you realise how valuable you are, you standards rise and you inspire those around you to do the same and respect your value.

Cheers to all valuable women out there!

What has this habit cost you? When you truly understand what you have lost because of this bad habit, you will understand that violence and letting go of it is the only solution! Go in this strength and set yourself free once and for all. Until when are you going to be a slave to this habit?

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Mrs. Claudia Brito

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    14th September 2015

    Wow...this is too strong Mrs. Claudia...most of the time we woman we don't value ourselves, we have this tendency of looking down upon ourselves...thanks for the message, it is too strong.

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