The uncovered truth

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The uncovered truthI was always a very bubbly person, and with the lifestyle I lived, no one would note what was wrong with me. I would have a good family with both my parents at home and my education wasn’t bad.

However, even with all of this, I wasn’t truly, genuinely happy. When I found out about the Holy Spirit, I became more and more interested as I kept hearing about it. I heard testimonies, heard the preaching and saw people give their testimonies. My thirst for it kept growing.

I remember that, a few months after going through my deliverance, there arose a special purpose in the church for the Holy Spirit to live in me. This was my opportunity, and it became my priority to receive Him. This wasn’t the first purpose I participated in, so I kept trying without giving up. This wasn’t a purpose that anyone told me to do. It was something between God and me.

I just wanted to do something that showed God my true intentions. I did everything; I truly sacrificed. After I did my part and sacrificed, God showed Himself in my life in a way that I had never seen before.

This was different from the other times that I sought God, because it wasn’t my feelings that took over me. It was truly an amazing experience between God and me.

I didn’t have to mask or hide anything in my life. I am now truly happy and don’t need to pretend to smile, and I’m able to help other people. This brings me joy: to do what God wants of me.

Glory Isobe

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