The secret to changing your life

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A person’s life only changes when they change their thoughts. Everything you have done up until now is a result of the thoughts you’ve had.

Your decisions are influenced by your thoughts, and they guide your reactions. So if you want an improved life, you have to develop the raw materials that are formed in your mind.

So what are the raw materials? They are everything that has an influence on your behaviour, attitude and understanding. They include:


These are your ideologies and concepts. The firmer they are, the less likely others will have an influence on you. At the same time, the more realistic they are, the wiser your decisions will become.


These are the customs and traditions you grew up with. For example, you may have been brought up to take off your shoes when entering a house as a guest. There is no right or wrong choice about taking off your shoes, but your culture will have an impact on your decision.


This becomes part of your memory. Sometimes, when we dwell on negative things, they can cause an unwanted reaction.


The people around you can shape the way you think. This is because you’re likely to have similar characteristics, or share the same sense of humor as them. Traits like these are often what attracted you to become friends in the first place.


The comments and beliefs of others can cause you to change your own viewpoint. This can happen if your own beliefs are not strong.


These include the moral views you uphold. If you believe that telling a lie can be beneficial, you are more likely to bend the truth in order to make others feel happy.

Some of these things are rooted in us, observed from birth. Others are around us constantly, influencing our thoughts every minute. But thanks to the way we were designed, our brain adapts to what we feed it. That’s why the fastest way to permanently change your life is to guard what you allow into your head.

And all of this is totally under your control.

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    salvacion francisco

    15th July 2016

    Yes, our beliefs, our upbringing, our culture our past, all have contribution to our life, but if we start to evaluate our life and start to change the mind set and adapt the right way of thinking and apply it their will be changes in our life. Ofcourse with the help of God.