The Fast of Daniel: Giving God freedom to talk to you

hear God’s voice,

Giving God freedom to talk to you

When Daniel set about seeking God’s face through a special fast (see Daniel 10:1-3), something very special was about to happen. From that moment forward, God was able to bring great revelations to Daniel that became prophecies of such Biblical significance, that they are studied until today by Christian scholars, (see Daniel 1:8). In fact, fasting was a habit that Daniel practised when in Babylon, as a way not only for God to speak to Him, but also so he would not be tarnished by all the iniquity that surrounded him.

God was able to speak to Daniel, because he made himself available to hear His voice. And today is no different. Many times, God wants to speak to us, but we are too busy with our own interests, hobbies, personal plans, pointless information that doesn’t get us anywhere, programmes we watch that add nothing to our faith, etc. Our mind becomes so clogged up with useless information, that it’s almost impossible to hear God’s voice among the numerous voices from the outside world.

When we think about the great men of God in the Bible and see how they received such great revelations from God, surely it was because their mind wasn’t busy at that time with Instagram stories or keeping up with the latest goings-on of the Kardashians.

In this 21 Day Fast of Daniel, we are going to put all our strength into having the mind of Christ. When we invest all our available time in asking God, “Lord, what do You want from me?” He begins to speak to us, just like he spoke to Daniel. We will have the privilege of having the mind of Christ, to think and act like He did.

And as a bonus, topping everything off, And in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them, he found them TEN TIMES BETTER than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his realm.” (Daniel 1:20)

When we have the mind of Christ, even our value as men and women increases exponentially.


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