The Added Extras

When it is time for an upgrade or we consider buying a new phone, we assess all of our options until we settle on the one we like. But no one just buys a new phone. Sure, it does what we expect it to – makes calls and sends messages, amongst other things – but we are only truly satisfied when we have all of the added extras. The wireless earphones, charger, screen protector and case complete the product.

When it comes to our faith, the same concept can be applied. Having faith is critical! But there are essential components that, when added to faith, will enable us to finish our spiritual race.

Last week, the first add on was revealed. We invite you to connect to the Wednesday online service where you will not only find out what the next component is but also, why it is essential for your faith and what you need to do to have it. Don’t miss this thought provoking series.

Series: Faith Add Ons
Day and time: Every Wednesday at 7.30pm (also at 10am and 3pm)
Platforms: YouTube, Facebook and Liberty Radio

It has been said that the only way to keep a relationship alive is to continually work and invest in it. Every Wednesday is an opportunity to invest in your relationship with God and learn how to grow spiritually. With in-depth studies of the Bible, this meeting will leave you inspired and strong in your faith. The main meeting will be at 7.30pm, but meetings are also held throughout the day at 10am and 3pm.

You can attend this service online: