The 8th step to excellence

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The 8th step to excellence

Many women face many struggles as a result of one thing, which is the lack of being able to judge, as accurately as possible, between right and wrong.

Well, in the 8th seminar on excellence that took place on Sunday, 21st August, we discovered more about this great ability that many women are lacking yes, that is, discernment.

Mrs Claudia Brito, the presenter of the seminar, shared the following:

‘Discernment is crucial if we want to have an excellent spirit, to be known by God and even to do the work of God’.

She then went on to give real life examples and teachings to illustrate the lack of discernment many women show in different aspects of their lives. For example:

The woman who puts her husband and children down with her own words, as a result of not choosing her words wisely and does not understand why they do not open up to her (Proverbs 14:1);

The broken-hearted girl that gave her body to a guy because she was naïve and unable to discern that the attention he gave her was all to get one thing from her (Proverbs 14:15)

The lady who dresses and acts indiscreetly, but doesn’t understand why she is not valued for who she is, because she is unable to discern that she is giving others a reason not to value her (Proverbs 11:22).

An excellent woman understands that, although she can do anything, not everything is beneficial for her (1 Corinthians 6:12). This is the power of discernment.

Perhaps you have given a bad impression of yourself and, consequently, you find that you do not have many close friends, you have problems at work, or you have problems at home with your family. All of these issues could be due to a lack of discernment.

“A good name is greater than great riches” (Proverbs 22:1)

If you want people to value who you are, they need to see that you possess this quality. Only God can see your inside; but your appearance, behaviour, and other visible choices you make all speak volumes about you, and tell people whether to respect you or not.

Discernment is also linked to our spiritual lives. Many gave up on their faith because they lacked this tool, so they were unable to discern that their relationship with God was getting colder, even if they had the Holy Spirit.

Discernment is a matter of wisdom, using intelligence over emotions.

So you can add this step to your list of excellence, and join us on Sunday, 18th September where we will discover the 9th step to excellence. Don’t miss out!


I learnt that discernment is so crucial and can help me avoid making the wrong choices in life. This meeting showed me the right weapon with which I can prevent things from going wrong in my life. When we use our discernment, we are allowing the channel between us and God to be free, so that He can speak to us. This really stood out for me: “Discernment is crucial for those who want to have an excellent spirit”. This was one more secret to achieving excellence.

Amélia Vicente





Discernment is what will help me to make the right decisions, to protect my faith, to protect myself, and to avoid later problems. Although, in the meeting, different areas were mentioned, the way discernment was linked to our spiritual life helped me to understand how much I must put God’s will above everything – especially above what I may think or feel is the right thing to do. When I obey God, my conscience will always be clean, but if I disobey it will affect my conscience and, consequently, my faith.

Rajani Sidhu



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