Taking steps to heal and stay healed

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Taking steps to heal and stay healed

Here are a few guidelines that will help promote inner healing:

  1. Live in a state of forgiveness and compassion for others. Never allow yourself to slide into the mode of being an emotional victim again. Rise above their negative behaviour and return good for evil.
  2. Remove yourself from people who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy—people who are abusive, verbally, emotionally, physically etc.; people who ridicule you or try to cut down your faith; people who hinder or interfere with your spiritual growth. Love them and forgive them, but do not allow yourself to be dragged down to their level any longer.
  1. Cut off negative words about others from your vocabulary. What goes around comes around. Cursing brings curses back upon yourself. Gossip is the breeding ground for hatred and all that is evil, and will reopen all wounds that you are trying to heal. Gossip masks your own insecurities and deepens them.
  1. Cut off negative words or thoughts that you say to yourself, like “I’m not strong enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not good enough to deserve a life/job/family like that” etc. Cut off negative music or TV shows that fill your mind with ideas that harm your faith. Ban rubbish from entering your mind!
  1. Tear down your defence mechanisms: sarcasm, a tough outer shell, loud abrasive voice/laughter, anger, self-pity, self-righteousness. You are weak, not strong, when you hide behind yourself. You will always be “the victim” when you behave this way. The only solution to this is to become tender-hearted and compassionate towards others.
  1. Stop complaining about your past. Wallowing in your victim status doesn’t elevate you to a hero for enduring so much pain, but keeps you stuck in that past. Stop saying, “No one will ever understand what I’ve gone through.”

In the next issue, we will continue with the last six steps for you to be healed and stay healed.

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Mrs Claudia Brito

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