Taking back the love

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Mess and chaos – the definition of a relationship where trust and commitment is non-existent. Tapiwa and Yasmin Senah both had decisions to make: either Taking back the lovethey remained the same or took back what was lacking to make their relationship work.

Tapiwa Senah: “Yasmin and I both lived in the same small town. We started off smiling from a distance, then saying hello. She was 16 and I was 17 at the time. We had similar ambitions and clicked instantly. After a few months of dating, we decided to make our relationship official.”

Yasmin Senah: “In the beginning, Tapiwa was kind and charming. It was those great qualities that outshone his bad ones, like the fact that he had a lot of female friends. I knew that he had been a player before, but I believed he had changed since meeting me.”

Tapiwa: “I gradually became cold and unfaithful towards Yasmin, but my behaviour had a root. During my early years, a male family friend abused me. I didn’t understand it at the time and as I grew older, I suppressed it. But I knew it was the reason why I would hook up with so many girls, just to forget the past and prove my masculinity.

Yasmin: “I idolised Tapiwa but he would go out a lot and wouldn’t pick up the phone when I called him. Besides that, Tapiwa had some really great qualities that I admired, and this made it harder for me to leave.

Tapiwa: “Having to live with the lies made me feel lost and alone. This led to depression. When we discovered the UCKG, we were just ‘passers-by’ for two and a half years. We would go when we felt like it, but we decided to be faithful in our attendance and take back the happiness that we deserved in our relationship.

We attended a love event hosted by the UCKG and learned about the seven sins that people commit in relationships, like putting your career before your partner. For years, I had been putting Yasmin at the back of the queue in my life. However, that event was the kick-start of the change in our relationship.”

Yasmin: “During that time, I made a vow to put God first, but I wanted to see a difference in my relationship. I wanted to know the truth, if I was going to continue with Tapiwa, and God honoured me!

Tapiwa confessed everything about what he had been doing. From that day on, he wasn’t the same!

We did the seven-week Marriage Course, which helped with the transformation of our relationship. Also, after beginning to attend the Monday services, we had the inspiration to start a business together.”

Tapiwa: “It has been a fight but we made it. I am faithful to Yasmin and we do everything together. We have been together for almost 10 years and now have a business that is growing into something we never imagined. Life couldn’t be sweeter.”

Tapiwa & Yasmin Senah

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