Silence the voice of doubt

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Silence the voice of doubt

God does not work with doubt. He works with faith, which is His certainty. Therefore, doubt becomes His greatest enemy. You will never see the power of God manifest in the life of an indecisive person. So, to change your life you must learn to silence the voice of doubt and nurture the voice of faith.

When Israel left slavery in Egypt, they began complaining to Moses (read Exodus 14:11-14).

As they headed for the promised land, they had to go through the desert. But how could they enter a new land complaining? The people had to let go of the vision of a slave.

In other words, it’s no use gaining new things, being in new places, getting rich, if you still cling on to your old mentality. Take for example a person who has won the lottery: how is their life today? Many have already squandered everything.

Generally, no one wants to go through the desert (metaphorically speaking) that exists between slavery and the promised land. But it’s precisely there where we learn to value God’s leadership and develop our trust in Him. If you are going through a similar situation, know that God is preparing you for something big.

However, this is also the time when we will go through various difficulties, hardships, struggles and when the voice of doubt tries to undermine our faith.

That’s when many complain, give up and get discouraged. But the right thing is to do exactly the opposite. We must be careful not to fall into this trap, shut the voice of doubt and feed on the voice of faith. How? By allowing His Word to be our ultimate guide to success.

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