Reset your Family’s Hard Drive

Reset your family Inside image

If your family has hurt you, it’s always humbling to remember that you have done the same at some time too. We all annoy, upset, and anger one another – no one is perfect. This does not excuse anyone’s bad behavior, it does however help to put things into perspective when you feel targeted or singled out by your family.

In disagreements it takes two people to be stubborn, if one person lets go, the other one can’t argue alone. So many people hold grudges against members of their family, but forget that they have also caused the same negative emotions in others. It’s important to hold yourself accountable for your actions, whether they are good or bad.

Sometimes families need to hit the reset button too. In order to turn the next page, forgiveness is very important. You can’t move forward without trying to understand the people you love. Give and seek forgiveness from your family, remember this does not mean that you should allow others to treat you badly. Nor does it mean you ignore your family’s wrongdoings. Starting again with your family simply allows you to reach a new perspective and gives you room to grow.

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