Record Attendance as Young People Speak Out Against Gang Culture

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Tuesday 22nd November 2011

The Victory Youth Group (VYG) held one of its largest and most successful shows to date on Saturday November 19th, when 1,000 young people came along to the UCKG HelpCentre’s Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park to see Where U Going?  Most were from the immediate local area and across London, and a group that travelled from Luton.

Where U Going? is a lively and thought-provoking drama, music and dance performance that was specially designed to discourage young people from participating in gang culture and to adopt more constructive lifestyles.

The VYG’s 27 young performers put on a great show telling the stories of gang members who had turned to the streets to escape troubled upbringings in bad home environments and their subsequent return to a more productive lifestyle.  In each case the gang member’s attempt to escape through anti-social activities and minor crime was unsuccessful, and in each case they finally found the solution through the support of the VYG.

“No matter how bad life gets you can always get back up and change for the better,” said Miguel Lacerda, who leads the VYG nationally in the UK.

Together with Talshon Thompson who took the main part in the drama, he spoke of a troubled past and they each explained how they had sought help.  The VYG enabled both young men to see how they could improve the direction of their lives.

“I had to stop and think, is this really the way I want things to be forever?” said Talshon, 23 from Brixton, south London.  “It’s never easy leaving familiar ways that have become a part of you but that doesn’t mean that life has to be like that forever, or that it cannot change.”

Daniel Suarez from Tottenham, North London said “This was my first visit to a VYG event and I thought it was great.  It has given me a new perspective on life so I understand that no matter who you are or where you are from things can change for better.”

Vinay Verma, from Luton who also commented on the event said: “The Where U Going?drama was real in the sense that it  showed exactly how young people are behaving nowadays.  But it also revealed that there is a way out if you stop, think, then ask yourself: Where U Going?”

At the end of the performance confidential one-to-one advice briefings were available for anyone who wanted to speak to a member of the cast or one of the many VYG volunteers who were available to help.  Miguel also offered to pray for all those who were going through the highlighted problems and needed strength to make a change.


Note to editors

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