Pensioner Saves The Lives Of Two Million Babies By Donating Blood

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Pensior donates blood

James Harrison is a real life superhero, but he doesn’t fly or run into burning buildings to save lives, he does something far more simple: he gives blood.

The 78-year-old pensioner has saved the lives of around two million babies by donating his rare type of blood for 60 years.

According to the above video by GeoBeats, Harrison underwent chest surgery as a teenager and needed a blood transfusion.

After his father told him that strangers had saved his life, Harrison vowed to do the same thing for others and began giving blood when he was 18 years old.

Once he began donating, doctors realised that his blood contained an anti-body capable of treating Rhesus disease.

At the time, Rhesus disease was causing deaths and birth defects in tens of thousands of babies worldwide each year.

Harrison agreed to participate in experiments after the incredible discovery about his blood was made and a vaccination for the disease was developed.

“A number of mothers have come up to me and said ‘thank you very much for what you have done because I now have one, two, three heathy children’,” Harrison comments in the video.

Dubbed the ‘man with the golden arm’, he estimates he’s now donated blood more than 1,000 times.

He’s even be able to help his own daughter, who had a healthy son thanks her father’s blood.

What a guy!

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