Peckham’s Patient Care Group visits Miriam Lodge Hostel

offering advice and support,

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peckham patient care groupFour volunteers of the Patient Care Group visited the Miriam Lodge Hostel in Sydenham on Sunday 6th January after requests for clothes, toiletries and other items for its residents.

As the PCG group visits the hostel every Saturday and Sunday, offering advice and support for all residents, they grabbed the opportunity presented to them to provide the much needed items, as you can see from the photos below.

The leader of the Patient Care Group in Peckham, Mercy Adeoshun said,It was such a pleasure to help the residents of Miriam Lodge Hostel. The joy they demonstrated when we showed them our love and care through our presence and gifts couldn’t be matched.”

Do you know someone who could benefit from a visit by volunteers of the Patient Care Group? To request a hospital visit, call our 24 hour helpline number on 0207 686 6000.

If you would like to contact the Patient Care Group, then you can email us at

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