One disease, one family, one fight! 

overcome my problems, some kind of mistake, the same disease,

Mercy-Adeoshun“I will never forget the way my father passed away,” says Mercy Adeoshun, a nurse from Peckham. “It was so sudden. One day he just collapsed and died, just like that! It was only after the post-mortem that we found out he had ischemic heart disease (HD).

So, you can imagine my shock when I found out I had the same disease. I had started feeling chest pains, but I had ignored them, until I almost collapsed at the steering wheel.

I eventually went to get a check-up at the hospital. I was taken to the emergency room where I was examined and then told I needed to speak to a consultant right away.

I was put on an electrocardiography machine (ECG) to measure the rate and regularity of my heartbeats.

The consultant told me that I had an abnormality in my heart and that it had been there since birth. He said that out of six T-waves (the recovery rate of the ventricles as shown on an ECG) five were abnormal!

I pushed everything to the back of my mind hoping – wishing – there was some kind of mistake. Reality burst my self-deluded bubble when I almost collapsed again, this time at work.

It was at the UCKG that I learnt to tap into the power within me and take my health back. I was encouraged to continue my treatment so I never once stopped taking my medication or going for my check-ups; but I also anointed my heart every day because now, I believed that a positive outcome was possible.

It took at least six months before I saw a change and the symptoms started disappearing. With time, my heart returned to normal.

It has been 14 years since then and my heart is ticking along just fine. Even now, I still go for check-ups and each time it comes back clear, I’m reminded of the power I have within me to fight and overcome my problems.”

Mercy Adeoshun

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