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Why the anointing oil? On several occasions in the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, we see God using the Holy Oil to represent, or release, His power upon something or someone.

The oil can also be used to receive answers when all else has failed. Instead of feeling disheartened, it could give one hope that a depressing situation can be turned around. Some may use the oil to bring about a positive change in their life, perhaps somebody has been struggling to find a job, and they have tried every possible piece of advice. Or maybe a couple’s love life has been weakened with arguments, and they are desperate to put a stop to it.

So the use of the anointing oil displays one’s act of faith – it is like sending a signal flare of distress to heaven. It is a sign to God that you require special attention in a time of need. It is for those who are in need of an answer for something, or, for those who have been fighting for a long time, but have yet to see a change or receive a positive answer. Don’t miss this meeting – it could spark a new beginning for you!

In the past, the anointing oil was used for many things:

  • To anoint the sick
  • To mark the tabernacle as Holy ground
  • To anoint those of significant importance, such as priests, kings, and prophets.

So already, we can see the positive works that have been carried out by the oil.

But its effects are still not limited to this. The oil today is used to awaken a person’s faith so that they can see what they want to happen by their faith.

Grab the opportunity to expel negativity around you, whilst positive results stream into your life. This is your chance to ask for God’s Help and receive His answers.

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andrew-dxonThe grudges against my ex-girlfriend made me become a very angry and malicious person, to the point of wanting to kill her and her partner. Everyday I thought of ways to kill them both. The moment that I was about to go ahead with my plan, I realised that it was a problem and that I needed to change, but I couldn’t see how. When I received the blessed oil and used it to anoint my eyes, I started to see things differently. I also started using the oil to anoint my head and my tongue, and not long after that, a desire of forgiveness took over my heart. Now I no longer hold grudges against my ex-girlfriend, I have moved on, and am happily married.” Andrew Dixon





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My teachers told me that I wouldn’t be able to get into university. They predicted I would get C’s. But I didn’t allow my confidence to be brought down! So, before my exams, I anointed my utilities and my head. After much perseverance, I am currently studying at the university of my choice.

Naomi Weston





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appoloniaMy husband and I were on the brink of divorce. We could not get along and we did not trust each other. Enough was enough! We loved one another but could not bear to be near each other. We tried many different things to save our marriage and then also the anointing oil. I would anoint my eyes, asking God to help me see my husband differently. He also used the oil to help save our marriage. Today our marriage is like a honeymoon. There is no trace of distrust, jealousy or hatred. We believe the anointing helped us restore our marriage.

Appolonia Hango





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He was transformed by faith

fatimaMy dad used to be an alcoholic; so, as you can imagine, my family and I had to put up with a great deal. In the church, we learnt about how we could use our faith and see results. One way of doing this was through the anointing oil that we were given. So, in faith, we used the oil to anoint his clothing and pictures, as well as bringing his pictures to the services we attended. Today things have completely changed. My father is not like he was before. He is no longer an alcoholic, but is a completely different man. The anointing oil really made the difference.

Fatima Marques





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Event: Anointing Oil of God’s Answer
Date: Sunday 4th September
Time: 10am (also at 7.30am)
Location: At your local UCKG HelpCentre


Getting the best out of the oil

Anointing with oil is not something new. It has existed for years. Although the oil itself has no power, it can be used to awaken people’s faith to help them provoke the extraordinary to happen. It’s almost like a sign to God that you require special attention in a time of need.

Why is the anointing oil important?

The anointing oil will be a point of contact between you and God. Many people find it difficult to use their faith in God because He seems to be far away. The oil, on the other hand, is something tangible, which helps people’s faith in Him to be ‘real’. Remember, it’s faith in God that prompts the miracle; the oil is merely a point of contact between you and Him.

How do I use it?

Simply anoint the objects or area that represent difficulties or challenges in your life (this will depend on what you are asking for), and say a prayer asking God for what you want.

If I use it for my health, should I continue to use it together with medication?

Absolutely! Continue your medication and attend any doctor’s appointments you have scheduled. Faith and medication are not incompatible; they work together. When your doctor confirms your healing, he or she will tell you when to stop using medication. See the anointing as a complement to the treatment you may be receiving.

What kind of problems can I use the oil on?

The oil can be used for any kind of problems; it all depends on your faith. For example, you can use it to anoint the sick, the emotionally distressed, your loved ones and family, and your workplace to mention but a few.

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