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My business is developingI work as a hairdresser, but early this year I didn’t have a clear direction for my financial life. I applied for jobs and attended numerous interviews but I was never successful. So I attend the Independence Project meetings along with the Chain of Prayer, every Monday. After my Chain of Prayer meeting, I decided to approach my former salon colleague, who I had worked for nine years ago.

I was determined to strike a deal with her. To my surprise, she wanted to do the same. So I agreed to rent a space in the salon first; three months later I agreed to be her partner.

The Monday meetings taught me to take risks of faith. So I took that idea, looked for investors and then changed the whole structure of the business. Today, we are a business company operating in the UK with a branch opening in Africa soon. We have a prominent investor on board and we now offer apprentice training programmes. And every employee has the opportunity to buy shares.

Betty Nyamwenge

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