Lucky in love we beg to differ…

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Lucky in love we beg to differ
Many people believe that a successful relationship is a result of “luck” or by chance, when in fact, what they don’t know is that a successful relationship must be built.

If a relationship is not founded on this principle and you believe you will find love by accident or “luck,” then you will surely experience frustration. You will be hoping that one day you will stumble across your ‘soul mate’ then whilst sitting idly waiting on “luck” frustration increases, inevitably you’ll become weary and may desire to give up on love altogether.

That’s why once a month the Love Therapy team host the Singles’ Hour. It’s a special hour, for single people to mingle amongst each other using the tips and advice they have received during the Love Therapy seminars.

This week the participants can get involved in the anticipated Hot Seat question game. If you can handle the heat, if you are single and ready to mingle, join this month’s Singles’ Hour on Thursday 21st July at 7pm at the Rainbow Theatre followed by our weekly Love Therapy seminar at 8pm.

Event: Love Therapy – Singles’ Hour
Date and time: Thursday 21st July at 7pm
Location: Rainbow Theatre, 232 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3NX

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