Looking over my shoulder

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Looking over my shoulderGoing through the day was fine; it was the night that I couldn’t handle. I was very paranoid and didn’t look forward to going sleep, especially if my brothers weren’t around.

If I was on my way home alone or in my bedroom, I would feel as if I were being followed or watched by someone I couldn’t see. I went nights without sleeping and was always looking over my shoulder

I knew that this was a problem, so I started attending the Friday spiritual cleansing sessions.

To stay up, I would watch films or adult content until I fell asleep, and sometimes until the following morning. I knew that this was a problem, so I started attending the Friday Spiritual Cleansing sessions after hearing the testimonies of people who’d had similar issues, but were now free from them.

After attending the Friday session for the first time, I slept well throughout the night. I had assumed the boldness that I had been taught in the meeting to say ‘no!’ to my situation and not to accept it. I committed myself to attend on Fridays, and in time, I was able to overcome the fear of being alone, the fear of sleeping by myself at night and the addiction to pornography.

As a result, I now sleep in peace and no longer feel a presence following or pressing down on me at night. I can be alone no matter what time of day it is and I look forward to sleeping. I’m free.

David Kinganga

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