Life and balance

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Balance generates harmony and growth, while imbalance leads to loss and trauma. But we find it difficult to achieve that equal balance, because naturally our nature walks between two extreme poles. We’re either on one side of the scale or on the other, consider the following examples:

Information – Being an updated and well-informed person is helpful at times, but being someone who only has knowledge can be a disaster! It’s not healthy to be overflowing with information, neither is it good to be alienated!

Characteristics – It can be frustrating to be around shy and withdrawn people, but loud people and gossipers can be inconvenient.

Friends – Having lots of companions and making friends easily is a good trait, but to rely on them all the time is a dependency.

Sensitivity – Being sensitive towards other people is a great characteristic, but becoming sensitive to the point that you cannot manage your own emotions is a setback.

This idea of balance can be applied to every area of our lives, whether it’s food, our appearance, work, family duties, and so on.

God is the source of our balance; we cannot walk the tightrope alone. Only when He assists our lives will we overcome the conflicts and pressures that we face.

But sometimes we may find ourselves following secular ideas that push us to the extreme.

Consider a football player who has a goal scoring opportunity and has positioned himself for a shot. He hears the chants of the crowd and decides to look around at his fans for a second. He has now lost sight of his goal, and his shot will certainly swirl off target.

Life is like walking on a tightrope. Sometimes we fall. When we get up, we spend more time taking care of our injuries than actually walking. You may have realised that maintaining balance so you are not swayed side to side by numerous forces is very difficult.

Everyone decides for himself or herself which voice to hear. However, just remember only One will help you to finish the walk.

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