Let’s celebrate older drivers

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Let's celebrate older drivers

If you were as surprised as we were by the news that more than 100,000 people aged over 90 are still driving, you’ll probably be even more surprised to learn that 248 centenarians still hold valid driving licenses. What’s more, DVLA figures show that the oldest learner driver on our roads today is a woman of 103.

But what is really interesting about this is that a 2016 Swansea University study said that older drivers are no more dangerous than anyone else. While reactions slow with age, older drivers compensate by taking more care on the roads, choosing quieter times of  the day to go out and so on.

In fact, drivers aged 70 are involved in three to four times fewer accidents than men aged 17 to 21.

Something else that is good about all this is that it challenges popular beliefs about older people being unable to cope with modern life, and a burden on the young and active. It shows that plenty of them still value their independence and freedom to get out and about, and we may safely assume that a zest for life is part of this along with reasonable health. In rural areas, driving is likely to be a necessity for lack of public transport.

The UCKG HelpCentre is all for older people having rich and fulfilling lives, and its Caleb group is open to everyone over 55, who likes to socialize and have fun, as well as for those who do need a bit of help.

Ask at your local HelpCentre or phone our 24-Hour Helpline on 020 7686 6000 for details of your local group.