It’s faster to get cocaine than it is to get a pizza delivery in London

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According to researchers, London is one of the cities where it’s quickest to pick up cocaine – apparently even faster than a pizza delivery.

The Global Drug Survey found that encrypted messaging and smartphones are contributing to the increasingly rapid transmission of discreet drug dealing.

Professor Adam Winstock of the Global Drug Survey said, ‘With the darknet facilitating the delivery of drugs direct to people’s letterboxes and encrypted social media platforms allowing people to order in secret, it’s not surprising that there’d be an impact on the speed of delivery’.

More people are using the dark web to access drugs in the UK than nearly anywhere else, with the exception of only Finland (41.4 percent) and Norway (27.2 percent). Furthermore, purchases are made using the virtual currency, bitcoin, so that the consumers and sellers can remain anonymous. Other common drugs purchased online in the UK are MDMA, cannabis, new psychoactive substances such as spice, Clockwork Orange, and LSD.

As the use of the dark web becomes more popular for drug users, the risk of a drug epidemic among the young and old is at an all-time high and more security and restrictions are needed to put an end to it.

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