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What is the Campaign of Israel all about?

Everything we conquer with God is achieved through our faith, which needs to be exercised and put into practice. It doesn’t make sense for a so-called Christian to have the knowledge of the Word of God and not see the benefits of it in his or her life. It’s for this reason that we turn to the events in the time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, Ruth, Esther and the other men and women of the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament; they all conquered and made ​​use of their faith, in the same way as people are advised to put their faith into action based on the Word of God today.

What is the meaning of a sacrifice?

A sacrifice is a demonstration of a strong, unshakable belief in something or someone. In the Bible we see heroic acts of sacrifice in the name of God; the Almighty takes great pleasure in answering them. A sacrifice is very different to just believing in God’s Word and doing good in the world. It is an act that fully surrounds a person’s life with the things that are Holy. It establishes a communion between the faithful and their God. This can be seen in the Bible: ‘when a person sacrificed, they associated themselves with the One who received the sacrifice’ (1 Corinthians 10).

A great example to illustrate this would be the act of marriage, whereby a couple give up their privacy and singledom in order to begin living in unison with one another, and where everything they do and own is shared between them. The faith that is placed in the love between two people can be compared as those who sacrificed their entire life to God, in order to attain an intimate relationship with Him.

When a person makes a sacrifice for God in this way, they are associating themselves with God Himself. Sacrificing requires an extraordinary amount of effort, and requires the surrendering of one’s own will and interests. Every time a person does this in the Bible, they are honoured with things that they cannot even imagine, not only in this lifetime but the next as well.

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