Can long-distance relationships work?

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Can long-distance relationships work?Long-distance relationships are not always easy, but does that mean they cannot work? Anderson and Sulma have been happily married for nearly three years; below they share their experience on dating miles apart…

We were dating for ten months whilst living in different countries, but it did not bother me too much, as I knew we would be together soon. We spoke a lot, but when we were not speaking I would be doing something productive.

Only when we were finally together, did we notice some clashes, for example, Sulma had a great need to be shown affection, whereas I was the opposite. But every day we have been learning to adapt.

Sulma: I truly cherished the time we spent speaking, but I had my friends and family around, so I never felt lonely.

We would advise couples dating at a long distance to communicate as much as possible, ask questions, and be honest and open. Also get to know your partner from the perspective of those close to them.

Anderson and Selma

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