Is having a routine the key to being more creative?

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They often say that moments of inspiration come out of the blue! However, we all know that simply waiting for inspiration to hit us is unrealistic. But, what if inspiring and creative ideas were to come to us as a result of our day-to-day routines?

Some of the greats – among them Beethoven and Ernest Hemingway – all stuck to their routine and this inspired them to create great work that is still recognised today. So, is the concept of routine the secret to being more creative?

Stella Hang, the co-founder of Sports Philosophy, is one of many people who has benefitted from sticking to a routine: “Routines are what make the world go around. Sticking to a routine, which for me means ensuring I work out to clear my head, is really crucial to being able to think clearly and creatively, but also feeling good physically.”

David Brudo, co-founder of mental well-being app Remente, believes that making time to be creative is just as important as having a routine: “Settling into a familiar working routine can help your mind get in a state of flow and stimulate your brain to produce new ideas.”

Therefore, creating the right conditions is a way of getting your mind brimming with new concepts.

According to award-winning clinical academic and psychotherapist Zoe Chouliara, implementing positive habits in your day, such as carrying a notebook so you can always write down what inspires you, or deciding to write a set number of words in particular tasks, can also be a big help.

It is unlikely these methods will work for everyone; however, if you feel as though you are going through a dry patch, try making some time for your creative ideas to develop.

Who knows what you could come up with!

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