The national convention to eradicate “fed-upness”

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How change happens in 2 steps


The first step; the birth of change is the result of at least one of these mental, or emotional conditions, or a combination of them: righteous anger, dissatisfaction, indignation, intolerance, disgust, boredom and a word you don’t hear very often: fed-upness.

It’s only when one or more of these feelings and thoughts take hold of you, fill you up and exceed your tolerance limits that change is born. In one word, it’s when you’ve had enough. It’s when you’re ready to say “No more!” You’ve reached your limit and you’re not going to take it. That is the birth of change. When your self-respect is challenged, you know you must do something about it. Things cannot stay as they are. But that’s only the first step, only the start; the birth of change.

For this “No more” attitude to grow, to gain momentum and enable change to grow into something tangible, you must make all your strength available to it. That’s because all change encounters resistance and the bigger the change, the greater the resistance.

The second step to change is to allow your anger, your intolerance, your fed-upness to employ all your strength. You have to put all you’ve got at their disposal and then just get out of the way.

Now what does ‘all your strength’ mean? The combined use of all of the following resources:


circle1 At the top level of your strength is your faith, the power of belief. You must believe that change is possible. You should also add prayer for those things that you cannot humanly do. You must put in the time. You must manage your time and not give in to distraction and remain focused. circle2
circle3 That means your ideas and this “No more” attitude. You must come up with ideas of what you can do to turn this attitude into results. Your mind must be fully occupied with thoughts about the desire of change. That’s when the actual work needs to get done. When you need to do the walking; to physically go where you must and do what you need to do to effect change. circle4
circle5 You must use your tools; the resources you have and can get hold of in order to help you make change happen. That includes: people, money, expertise and many other assets you may have available. This is last, but not least. That means use the power of the word to talk about change to yourself, and to others. To be the prophet of the change you see coming; to communicate your vision to those who need to be on board with you; to confess with your mouth words of success. circle6

So, do you want change? Do you want this fed-upness burning inside of you to produce results that will give you a whole new lease on life? The “No More” event, this Sunday at 10am, will show you how to produce results born out of this indignation. Without good amounts of fed-upness and all your strength, there can be no change.

Event: No More
Date: Sunday 31st January 2016
Time: 10am
Venue: At your local UCKG HelpCentre

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