I would lash out at the smallest things

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I would lash out at the smallest thingsThe relationship that my husband and I had a few years ago was far from a bed of roses. I was never content with anything. I had a short temper and would lash out at the smallest things.

Expressing myself was a struggle because of problems I’d had to deal with in the past. Things had to be my way or no way at all. To make matters worse, my husband would retaliate in a sarcastic manner. This would infuriate me! My two older children even began to avoid me and knowing that they couldn’t speak to me because of the way they’d seen me behave with my husband, was really painful. My family was a mess and I felt truly broken.

However, this all changed when I began attending the UCKG HelpCentre, where I was given life-changing tips on how to have a happy family. I learnt that in order to see a change in my family, I had to be the change and, after putting this into practice, I saw the difference. I was given advice on how to deal with situations in the right way when I was angry. Through attending the family sessions on Thursdays and there being a significant change in my demeanour, my husband started coming to HelpCentre. I also saw huge changes in my two older children. They were able to open up to me and they didn’t feel the need to bottle things up anymore. I thank God that my other two younger children did not have to witness any of my outbursts due to the change that had already happened in me. When I started to think differently and become an example, my husband and children did too!! My family has been totally transformed and I am truly content and happy.

Teresa Orosun-Gay, Wood Green 


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