How to get justice from God

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How to get justice from God

We live in a world surrounded by injustices – being lied to, robbed, deceived in a relationship or in a business deal and being unfairly treated are but a few examples of what people go through on a daily basis.

Facing injustice is more than just being taken advantage of.  Injustice is – suffering or being burdened by what shouldn’t be there.

Is it fair to stay faithful throughout a relationship, striving to make it work only to be cheated on? Is it just to keep trying to move forward in life, but the past keeps popping up to hinder your journey? Sicknesses, the family which is being torn apart, marriage at the brink of divorce, lack of peace or having insecurities, which affect every effort you make to do what is right, no matter what life throws at you. Is any of these really fair?

When we believe in God – the faithful Judge – we have the right to demand an abundant and prosperous life. Regardless of how ‘normal’ it may seem or how many others are going through the same situation, why accept something which is less than what has been promised to you, especially when the One making the promises is God?

So, how can you claim this justice from God?

Think with me.  Would a thief have the right to receive police assistance when reporting that a vehicle which he had stolen, had been stolen from him? Logically speaking, no!  However, this is how many people come to God and expect Him to execute justice on their behalf. They live life disregarding His direction and, at times, go directly against His will, but still demand justice from Him when they themselves are unjust towards Him.

The justice of God is only done by faith and those who are of faith are righteous—not perfect. They do what is right by God and, because of this, He executes justice on their behalf when they turn to Him.

We have started the Campaign for Justice and are inviting those who want to see justice in their lives to first, get right before God, in preparation for the great day on Sunday, 13th March.

What has been unjust in your life? Bring your petition before the righteous Judge but, remember, don’t present yourself like the thief.

Event: The Campaign for Justice
Date: Sunday 13th March
Time: 10am
Venue: At your local UCKG HelpCentre

To get more info on the Campaign for Justice or, to find your nearest UCKG HelpCentre, call our 24hr Helpline: 020 7686 6000.

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