How can I know my kids better?

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How can I know my kids better?

Every Sunday after our 10am meeting, we gather with mothers to pray for our children and to share basic advice on how we can improve our relationship with them.

Older children become more reserved

When our children are small, they tell us everything. They arrive home from school and begin filling our ears with interesting details about their day —what they got up to with their friends, what the teacher said, which game they played, etc. But, as they grow older, this all starts changing. They become more reserved and keep what they do during the day to themselves. Well, how can we as parents become friends with them and get to know them better?

Discover their interests

Good friends spend time together and share common interests. It is no different with our children. Find out about their interests—things they like and enjoy—and do those together with them. You may find it less engaging than the things you enjoy, but remember that, to conquer them, you need to go down to their level. Note that, it’s not about imposing your interests on them, but about discovering theirs.

Mrs. Claudia Brito

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