How can I attend private prayers at my local HelpCentre?

During lockdown from 5 November to 2 December, you may visit a HelpCentre in England to pray alone or with members of your household or ‘bubble’ at these times:


Monday – Saturday – 7am to 6pm
Sunday – 12pm to 5pm

Please, note: if you wish to pray privately at your local HelpCentre, you will need to adhere to strict procedures prior to and upon entering the sanctuary. These are designed to protect you, and the volunteers and pastoral staff who are managing your access:

· You must bring your own face covering to go for private prayers at your local HelpCentre. If you are unable to bring your own, this will be provided for you (while supplies last).

· You must sanitise your hands before entering the HelpCentre, using the hand gel provided at the entrance of the premises.

· You must observe social distancing rules and keep at least two metres away from all other people.

· You must refrain from touching anyone or anything other than what is obviously essential while in the HelpCentre.

· A limited number of people will be permitted into the main sanctuary for private prayers at any one time, so please respect your turn, the instructions you are given, all display signs and follow directions accordingly.

· Especially at busy times, private prayers will be restricted to five minutes per person. Please consider others.

A meticulous cleaning and disinfection schedule are being followed in all HelpCentres to ensure premises are safe for daily private prayers.

The Children’s Biblical Centres (CBCs) are now closed. And, will remain closed for the duration of the lockdown. As such, please consider that there will be no children’s facilities when you attend private prayers at your local HelpCentre.

We are also broadcasting daily services online. You can check the platforms available and a full schedule of online services here.

For more general information, contact our 24-hour helpline on 020 7686 6000.

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