How a near death experience made her reassess her values

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How a near death experience made her reassess her values

Anyone can have a new beginning but is it really possible for someone who’s had a fast, scandalous past to start again?

Well, this is exactly what happened with Brazilian ex-model, Andressa Urach, who’s had quite the promiscuous lifestyle. The ex-model talks about her past, which was filled with sex, drugs, scandalous relationships and a near-death experience after injecting hydrogel filters into her thighs for them to look thicker.

She used to be one of Brazil’s most expensive and desired prostitutes, worth £7,000 pounds an hour for millionaire clients but a near-death experience on her hospital bed after her body went into a septic shock, made the model reassess her values and turn her back on the scandalous, self-obsessed life she once led.

“I turned my body into a cheap piece of merchandise. I handed over my intimacy to thousands of men in just 27 years of life.”

During her month in intensive care, she claimed she had died and ‘met with her Maker’. It inspired her to become a Christian, and joined an evangelical church where her Mum was attending and was praying for her. She vowed to never again abuse her body with cosmetic surgery or use it to make money or, further her career.

After turning her life around she said, “Little by little, I’m discovering new riches. I started to value simple yet unique moments in our routine. I feel gladness when I wake up in the morning and have breakfast with my son and my mother. I love watching films in bed with my boy. I’m not afraid of getting old. I want to take care of myself, always be good-looking and elegant, but I’m happy with my body.”

Andressa received help in an evangelical church, and do you know which church she received this help? It’s the UCKG HelpCentre! She managed to wipe her slate clean and start afresh and, so can you!

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