Enemies under the same roof

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Enemies under the same roof“We despised each other. We couldn’t talk to one another because whenever we did, it would turn into a heated argument and physical fights. I’d never hated anyone as much as I hated her…

I couldn’t stand my sister. We couldn’t be in the same place for too long or all hell would break loose. We didn’t interact with each other at all. When it was time to have dinner, we’d both collect our food and part ways. To me she was like a stranger living in the same house, rather than a member of the family.

Because of our behaviour towards each other, we caused a lot of stress for my parents and division in the family. It was bad for my mum to have to see her two daughters fighting to such an extent, but I didn’t see it as a problem. I personally didn’t like girls even though I had girl friends, but I didn’t trust them and so I couldn’t stand my sister either. Trust and keeping grudges was a big issue for me, and I even carved ‘I hate my family’ on my bedroom wall and door.

But I couldn’t stay this way, and God didn’t allow it either because as I learnt more about Him at the UCKG HelpCentre, He opened my blind eyes to the reality of how bad things were. Families weren’t meant to be broken. I was supposed to love my sister. Love was a word that was so foreign to me. When I understood this, my mentality completely changed. I had to reunite with my sister. It wasn’t going to be easy, considering the number of years that I’d hated her. But now that I knew the truth, it was up to me to show her that I was serious about being a real sister to her.

I prayed to God asking Him to change not only her, but me as well, for I’d been equally as bad. I put my trust in God through the Campaign of Israel, believing that He could heal all that was broken in our relationship and character. I was determined, and used my faith to overcome situations with my sister, even when it got harder. Patience, determination and perseverance were key. And it paid off!

My sister and I are like twins now. I told her that I love her! As awkward as that was for me to say, we are able to say things to each that we‘d never have done before. And I’m actually proud to say that I have an older sister. My parents no longer have to worry about us getting along; in fact, we’re planning to go on holiday alone together. We have deep conversations now and we talk and give each other advice. We share our possessions now and help one another out. We are to this day learning things about one another because we wasted so many years hating each other.”

Renae Taylor, Brixton 

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