Body blindness

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Blind is not the one who cannot see, but rather the one who, though has perfect sight, chooses to not see. – Unknown

The human tendency is to not believe something until it’s perceived using one of our five senses, particularly sight. This is understandable, as sight is considered our most dominant sense, constantly sending information to our brain. There are many who trust solely in their sight before coming to a conclusion about anything.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), otherwise known as Body Blindness, is a case in which the sufferer has a visual processing error in her brain that doesn’t allow her to see her body as it is. An example is when a sufferer would think her lips were too small in comparison to her face, even though she’s had numerous surgeries to increase the size of her lips. Sadly, suicide rates are high amongst these sufferers.

Chloe McGuinness, from Liverpool, ate three McDonald meals a day. She believed she was a size 14 when she was actually a size 22. Reports say that she would often ask to burrow clothes from her much slimmer friends who would make excuses as to why they could not loan them to her, and how her ankles and knees weakened because of her weight.

BDD is a horrible illness, and since it was recently diagnosed, treatments are now being made available. What there is no treatment for is the one who simply chooses to not see. The truth is that as humans, though we see everything, we have the ability to ignore what we see and to accept only what we want to—even if it’s staring us in the face. Paying attention to the changes in the body can sometimes be lifesaving.

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