‘After 7 years of hearing “you’ve failed”, I FINALLY PASSED’

Every young adult is full of dreams, one of which is being able to get out on the open road behind the wheel of their own car. The first step to reaching this is getting a licence. The anxiety at the moment of the test is inevitable, the aim is to pass the first time. Hearing the words, ‘unfortunately you failed’ is such a disappointment, but you don’t allow that to discourage you and you go for it one more time. However, what do you do when you keep hearing, ‘failed’ over and over again?

Nancy Dayo had always had this dream and so she began the process to get her driver’s licence. Little did she know the struggles she would face or how long it would take for this dream to become reality.

‘I’ve never been the type of person to start something and not finish, however, due to financial difficulties and health-related issues, I was on and off with my driving. Each time I paused my lessons I would lose the confidence that I had gained and had to begin from scratch.

I felt frustrated. I couldn’t understand why it was so easy for some people but not for me. I revised and finally went for my theory test full of hope. When I received the results, I couldn’t believe that I failed again. What made it worse is that this didn’t just happen once, but three times.

I decided to attend the Monday meetings at the UCKG, which focuses on equipping people with the spiritual and practical tools to become financially independent. There, I was encouraged to never give up on my dreams and to keep fighting to reach my objectives, no matter how many times I failed.

The meeting empowered me and gave me the confidence that I was not on my own in this. Now, God was on my side. When I went for my theory test— at my fourth attempt—I finally passed! I was in shock, but excited and happy at the same time.

When I was preparing myself for my practical test, I came ready! I would have early morning lessons several times a week to build my confidence in driving. There were moments that I felt like rebooking my test as I felt like I wasn’t ready, but my instructor really helped me believe in myself. She was positive and always motivated me.

When I heard ‘you have passed’ after my practical test, I could not have been happier. Seven years and three instructors later, I finally got my licence! Today, I have the type of car that I wanted. It is very convenient as I live far from my job and have to travel a lot. Being able to drive now helps me cut down on the hours that I spend on public transport and generally makes things easier and more convenient for me.

Overcoming this small obstacle was an experience that reminded me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. It taught me that although dreams are not easy to achieve, if I have God on my side and never give up on them, they will become reality. I have been able to tick this off my bucket list and I can now move on to other dreams.’

Nancy Dayo

Do you find yourself in a cycle of starting and stopping something but never being able to finish? Do you need a boost to keep you going or direction to get you on the right path?

Join us every Monday at 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am and 3pm) for the Financial Meetings where you will learn how to create financial success for yourself.

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